This is Why You Should Introduce Natural Light into Your Building

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A window or a skylight is more than just an upgrade of a facade. Allowing natural light into your existing structure can be very beneficial, in fact. Not only will it help keep your electricity bills low, but it can also do wonders for the health of the people who occupy your structure.

With more sunlight in your building, here are a few things you could expect:

Better circulation

When a moderate amount of sunlight hits the skin, they slightly dilate veins and arteries. The effect will help ease up the flow of blood and allow more oxygen and nutrients to flow into the body parts. It is an easy way to reduce blood pressure and maintain a healthy pulse rate.

Stronger immune system

Sunlight is a great booster for the body’s immunity cell production. With enough sunlight exposure, the body will produce more white blood cells.

Balanced hormones

There is a hormone that keeps people smiling, and it is called serotonin. With adequate sunlight, the body can produce more of this happy juice. Serotonin is also the reason why moods turn gloomy during overcast or ‘sad’ weather.

Checks mood

Serotonin is not about rushes of euphoria. Everyone must maintain a level of serotonin in the brain to sustain a positive mood. In fact, researchers have discovered that enough sun exposure plays a huge part in keeping people happy. There is a name for sadness brought upon by decreased sun exposure, and it is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (or colloquially the winter blues).

Controlling Glare and Providing Privacy

Lots of glazing has many benefits for the occupants of a building, but unless well-managed it can also cause problems, including a lack of privacy or glare on screens.

Shading solutions such as our commercial roller blinds can help make your environment as comfortable as possible. Choose from different fabrics, such as screen fabric to maintain visibility, reflective metallic fabric to reflect heat, or dimout fabric for privacy. For more information, get in touch with us today.