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Create Comfortable Living Spaces with Renson® External Blinds

Maximise natural light whilst reducing overheating, with our Renson® external blinds solutions. As Renson-approved installers, we offer premium exterior blinds and shading that help comply with Part O regulations.

  • Avoid the need for air-conditioning
  • High-quality, modern designs
  • See outside even when blinds are down

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Our Products

We offer a range of high-quality external blinds for our clients across the UK, including:

Fixscreen Blinds

Renson® Fixscreen External Roller Blinds

The Renson Fixscreen external roller blind is designed for vertical glazing, like large feature windows and glazed walls. Fixscreen blinds are available in sizes up to 22m2 and can withstand up to 130km/h wind force.

Renson Panovista

Renson® Panovista External Corner Blinds

The Renson® Panovista external roller blind is specially designed for glass-on-glass corner glazing, with a unique fabric zip feature securing two fabric panels at right angles without any visible cables or profiles. Ideal for corner glazing, Panovista blinds can be made in sizes up to 30m² for wraparound windows.

Renson Topfix

Renson® Topfix External Roof Blinds

The Renson® Topfix external roof blind is designed for large rooflights, roof lanterns and sloping windows. It is compatible with Velux rooflights, easy to maintain and is available in sizes up to 30m². Topfix blinds can also withstand winds up to 130km/h.

Case study

Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground

Renson® Fixscreen blinds were installed to the windows of 5th floor penthouses to prevent overheating and increase comfort for residents. Without the blinds, the inside temperatures were hitting temperatures of 28°C on average. Once installed, the Fixscreen blinds brought the average indoor temperature down to around 21°C.

External Blinds - Gloucester County Cricket Ground Case Study

Benefits of our Exterior Blinds

Installing external roller blinds to your property has a number of lifestyle, financial and environmental benefits.

Part O Compliant

External blinds help architects and designers comply with Part O Overheating regulations without sacrificing natural light. Proven to be highly effective at preventing solar gain, installing external blinds can reduce glazing G-values to less than 0.2 (that is, it allows less than 20% of the heat from the sun to enter the room)

Fully motorised

Our external blinds are fully motorised and easy to operate, via an app or remote control. Using high-quality European motors, Renson® blinds are easy to set up and simple to maintain.

Top Quality

Renson® is synonymous with advanced engineering and top quality around the world. Their premium blinds are made from high-quality materials and robust finishes, and come with comprehensive warranties.

Low Maintenance

An emphasis on quality and innovation has resulted in robust, long-lasting external blinds solutions which require minimal maintenance to work effectively year after year. Often installed in difficult-to-access areas like roofs, they are designed to be ‘fit and forget’

Installed by UK blinds experts

We’ve been installing complex blinds projects for domestic and commercial clients for over thirty years, earning a reputation for quality and customer service in that time.

Good Visibility

Installing Renson® external roller blinds doesn’t mean sacrificing natural light or making your home feel dark. The basket-weave of the screen fabric allows very good visibility through the blind, keeping you cool while enjoying the view of your garden.

Covers Large Areas

Renson® external blinds are well-suited to cover large areas of glazing, with Fixscreen blinds being able to cover windows up to 22m², and Panovista and Topfix blinds able to cover windows up to 30m².

Even suitable for corner glazing, the Panovista features a unique zip design with no visible wires or profiles to interrupt the view.

Wind & Weather Resistant

Renson® external roller blinds are designed to be weather resistant, manufactured from non-corrosive powdercoated aluminium and tough fibreglass fabric. They’re also tested to survive extreme weather conditions, and can withstand wind speeds of up to a hurricane force 130 km/h.

Design Options

External roller blinds are available in a huge range of colours and fabrics, allowing you to find an option that will integrate seamlessly with your facade. It’s also possible to conceal the blinds within soffits for an invisible look, or to face-fit the blind over an existing window - the choice is yours. 

External Blinds or Air Conditioning?

More Sustainable Than
Air Conditioning

External blinds and air conditioning are two of the methods homeowners can use to keep their homes cool and meet Part O building regulations.

Installing either option costs about the same. However, external blinds are proven to be far more-effective long-term as they actually prevent heat from entering the home.

Air conditioning requires regular maintenance and is very energy-intensive to run, not only costing you money but having a negative environmental impact.

External roller blinds are the sustainable alternative; cheap to run and easy to maintain, it's no effort to keep your home cool.

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Renson Panovista

A huge success

"Thank you so much for the amazing job you did of those tricky blinds, which are a huge success"

Sir James & Lady Deirdre Dyson

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"We are very happy with our new blinds from Kensington Systems. From start to finish they were professional and, importantly, competitive with their quote.  The finished outdoor blinds look amazing and work perfectly in our outdoor covered kitchen."

Jackie Drake

A wonderful multi-functional space

"Tom did a top job and the added functionality [of the external blinds] provides for a wonderful multi-functional space at all times and in all weathers."

Charles Horn
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Keepers Cottage Case Study

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Renson® Fixscreen CAD File

Renson® Panovista CAD File

Renson® Topfix CAD File

External Roller Blinds for Outdoor Living Areas

External blinds can also help to create a comfortable outdoor living area that you can use throughout the year. Screen blinds or blinds with vision panels provide weather shelter, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living area throughout the year. When not in use, the blinds just roll up out the way, offering the ultimate flexibility.

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Motorisation & Automation

Nearly all our external blinds are motorised to make using them as efficient as possible. Quiet, powerful motors from European manufacturer Somfy make opening and closing the blinds easy.

It’s also possible to integrate them into your smart home automation system, either using a wireless system or a wired BMS. This then allows you to open and close your blinds remotely, or set up timers and sensors to open and close them at certain times or temperatures to maintain optimum comfort in your home.

External Blinds from Rolshade

Part O Solutions & External Blinds

The updates to the Part O building regulations in July 2022 focused on preventing and mitigating overheating in homes. The regulations offers several potential solutions to preventing overheating, including dynamic shading devices like external blinds.

External roller blinds are proven to be highly effective at reducing heat gain, achieving G-values of less than 0.2 in front of standard double glazing, meaning that less than 20% of the heat from the sun is able to travel into the room. The G-value decreases to less than 0.1 when installed in front of energy-efficient glass.

The lower the G-value, the better the protection from solar gain. An external blind in front can reduce the solar gain transmission by around 70%, ensuring full Part O compliance.


External Blinds Fire Ratings

The fabrics used in our external roller blinds are rated to BS476 Part 1 and Euroclass B of the European Reaction to Fire classification system.

This makes them suitable for use on buildings up to five storeys or 11m in height. New legislation enacted since the Grenfell Tower disaster requires facade materials (including external roller blinds) to be rated to Euroclass A1 or A2. Unfortunately, none of our fabrics have yet been tested to this standard, so cannot currently be specified for use above 11m or five storeys.


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