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Rolshade® by Kensington Systems is the new name for Kensington Blinds, and continues the tradition of over 40 years, providing quality products and exceptional service to commercial, healthcare, education and premium residential clients.

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Why Us?

With 40 years of expertise installing blinds, our highly-skilled team provide market-leading systems to the commercial and premium residential markets.

We specialise in highly technical and complex projects, offering fast estimates and flexible installations times.

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External Blinds

Our premium external roller blinds offer discerning, environmentally-conscious home owners a low-maintenance, highly effective shading solution to comply with Part O overheating regulations, reducing or removing the need for air conditioning.


External Roller Blinds

Our high-quality external roller blinds help you keep your home cool without requiring air conditioning. Robust and weather-proof, their clever design allows light into your house while keeping the heat out.

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External Rooflight Blinds

Our robust external rooflight blinds allow you to enjoy the extra natural light that rooflights bring, but without the heat and discomfort. Fitted on the exterior of the window, they allow light in while keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Internal Blinds

Our high-quality commercial interior blinds offer glare reduction, privacy and comfort for your employees, filtering light and increasing productivity.

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Roller Blinds

Our range of commercial roller blinds block out light, reduce glare, and are available in a wide range of fabrics for your specific application and property. 

Vertical Blinds - Bath Spa Uni

Vertical Blinds

Our commercial vertical blinds provide privacy and infinitely adjustable glare control.   They’re also ideal for covering shaped windows and come in a wide range of fabrics and colours.

Blackout Blinds - School Hall

Blackout Blinds

Our Solshade blackout blinds create an excellent light seal for areas where full light exclusion is necessary, such as laboratories or bedrooms. 

Rooflight Blinds

Rooflight & Atrium Blinds

Designed for buildings with large glazed atria and roof openings, these blinds help to counter the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat, reducing glare and discomfort for occupants.


Bespoke Curtains

Our versatile, high-performance curtains are available in a wide choice of fabrics and designs. Bespoke curtains are commonly used as flexible room dividers and help to absorb sound in large, open spaces.

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Sectors we Work In

Who we help

Commercial Customers

Increase comfort and efficiency at your premises with our commercial blinds. Installing blinds helps to reduce glare, provide privacy and increase the productivity of your staff. We also work with construction and fitout contractors to help them complete their projects to a high standard.

Premium Residential Clients

Our high-quality, premium external roller blinds block heat from entering your home while allowing light through. Our blinds offer a long-lasting, sustainable alternative to air conditioning, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of large windows and abundant natural light, but with a cool, comfortable interior.

Healthcare Providers

Increase comfort for patients and allow staff to work more efficiently with our range of blinds for healthcare settings. Designed to be easy to operate and clean and with an anti-ligature range suitable for mental health environments, our blinds are high-quality, low-maintenance and long-lasting. 

Education & Public Sector Organisations

Our robust blinds increase comfort while maintaining a high standard of health and safety, using child safety mechanisms such as chain clips and detachable crank handles. We are accustomed to working with the unique needs and busy schedules of schools to keep disruption to a minimum, and all our installers are fully DBS-accredited.

A huge success

"Thank you so much for the amazing job you did of those tricky blinds, which are a huge success."

Sir James & Lady Deirdre Dyson

Great service

"I just wanted to say thank you to both you and your team for a superb job! The blinds look and work brilliantly, and I just wanted to extend my thanks for the great service we have received from Kensington."

Ashton Vaughan
Bath & North East Somerset Council

Excellent quality

"As ever, we were impressed by the service we received, from order to installation. The blinds you supply are always of excellent quality and we will continue to order from you into the future."

Derek Collin
Badminton School
Renson Panovista
Blackout blinds
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Case Study

The NEC, Birmingham

A unique window design required a unique blackout blind solution to provide room darkening for presentations in this conference room at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham.

The NEC, Birmingham

Why Us?

We’ve been installing blinds for businesses, schools and hospitals across the UK for over thirty years. We have experience in a wide variety of complex blinds projects, offering each one high-quality products and exceptional customer service, ensuring a friction-free experience.

Our decades of technical expertise allows us to advise and help you with all the aspects of a blinds installation, from fabric choices and motorisation options to more complicated elements such as shaped windows, blind concealment, and smart automation systems. If you’re looking for a trusted partner who knows what they’re doing with blinds, Rolshade by Kensington Systems are here to help you.

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