Outdoor Blinds Installation: FAQ Part 1

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Learn all about the benefits and installation of outdoor blinds with this expert guide.

Can You Install Blinds on the Outside?

Yes, it is possible to install blinds on the outside of a window.

Outdoor blinds generally consist of an aluminium headbox (which contains the motor and fabric panel) the fabric panel and aluminium side channels on each side. The headbox protects the electric motor and fabric when rolled up, and the side channels keep the fabric panel taut to prevent it flapping in the wind.

External Blinds are built with high-quality, weather-resistant materials like aluminium and fibreglass fabric. They are designed to be low-maintenance and operate effectively for many years. Outdoor blinds are a bit more complex to install than interior blinds and are best done by a professional.

Exterior blinds can be installed over windows (so the headbox and side channels are visible) or concealed inside a soffit. Concealing the blinds inside a soffit means the headbox and side channels can be completely hidden from view, so the fabric panel only is visible when the blind is lowered. This works well for both modern and traditional homes, creating a stunning, minimalist facade.

Are Exterior or Interior Blinds Better?

Whether exterior or interior blinds are a better choice for your home depends on the purpose they are intended for.

If you're concerned about overheating, external blinds have been proven to be more successful than interior blinds in preventing the sun's rays heating up your home. This makes them very effective at keeping homes cool, especially during the summer months, while homeowners can still enjoy views outside.

If you're thinking about providing insulation, interior blinds are good at retaining heat within the house in winter (although outdoor blinds provide some insulation as well) and are therefore better at keeping your home warm. However, this does not help you in the warm summer months and unless you choose a screen fabric, you will not have a view to the outside.

Of course, having both interior and exterior blinds will help you keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

Are Outdoor Blinds Worth It?

Outdoor blinds can feel like a significant investment. It's natural for you to wonder if they're a better option than air conditioning, and if they actually reduce overheating.

It's true that there hasn't been much official research into the effectiveness of exterior blinds. But anecdotal evidence from homeowners suggests that they are very successful in keeping indoor temperatures at comfortable levels. For example, Renson® Fixscreen external blinds installed to windows on fifth floor apartments at Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground in Bristol reduced indoor temperatures from 29°C to 22°C.

However, a study by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2020 found that external blinds could keep indoor temperatures 5°C lower than a comparison with no blinds. The researchers concluded that installing external blinds in mild climates (including the UK) could negate the requirement for air conditioning altogether.

Air conditioning is disruptive to install and is known to cause health problems including respiratory issues and skin dryness. It's also energy-intensive to run and needs regular maintenance. Not to mention the planet-harming refrigerants A/C units use.

Choosing external blinds over air conditioning to cool your home has a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy consumption and a lower carbon footprint
  • A healthier home, particularly for those with respiratory conditions
  • Privacy with a view, as the screen fabric used for outdoor blinds allows you to see through it.
  • Reduce glare and protect furniture from UV radiation, which causes fading.
  • Easier and less disruptive installation

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