What To Consider When Choosing Rooflight Blinds For Your Skylight

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They’re terms that are bandied around, and we’ve all heard of rooflights, skylights and roof windows. But could you distinguish clearly and accurately between them?

Essentially, skylight is a general term for any glass window set in a roof and which follow the same orientation. It suits any home with a standard pitched roof, and is a common feature of lofts, halls and other spaces. Unlike a roof window, however, you can’t open one. Thanks to recent technology, heat loss and leaking skylights, which were traditionally problems, have been vastly reduced.

Rooflights are only different in the sense that they can go on flat or pitched roofs. But on the latter, they will jut out noticeably rather than sitting flush, allowing water to run off easily. Equally, on a flat roof, they can be raised for the same reason.

Meanwhile, roof windows can be opened and closed, plus there are various options for doing this, for example via a central pivot.

Whichever option you plump for, you’ll let more light in to your space, and brighten up a room.

Blinds for rooflights and skylights

Fitted blinds are the ideal window dressing for skylight windows and will look stylish and chic, plus there are varied frame and colour options to choose from, so you can find a product that matches your interior décor to perfection. And there is an aesthetic as well as a practical benefit to having rooflight blinds.

These range from light and temperature control to energy saving and thermal retention plus insulating properties. They’re also easily operated, prevent fading and cover up any dirt on your glazing until you have time to clean it. (These pieces of glass can be harder to reach than regular windows after all, so dirt can build up.)

Finally, if you need it, these blinds also provide privacy.

What to consider when choosing blinds for your skylight or rooflight:

  1. Shading/blackout needs

Depending on what you need, consider how dark you want your blinds to make your room. How much light do you want to let in through the window, and how much do you want to block out?

If a good night’s sleep is a priority, or you work shifts and so are in bed during the day, think about having blackout blinds for total darkness. Even if you don’t need a dark room, blackout blinds can help keep the heat of the sun at bay in high summer.

Alternatively, you could opt for a translucent product, which lets in natural light while keeping a degree of privacy.

  1. Maintenance

Some materials may be easier to clean than others, so check with your installer. But bear in mind that rooflight blinds can be tricky to keep clean, because they can be very hard to reach, although the cleaning itself is quick and straightforward. If dragging a ladder out each time you want to clean your blinds is a hassle, use a long feather duster or similar tool for greater ease of cleaning.

  1. Colour

Again, this is an important consideration. The range of available colours these days makes it easy to coordinate with the rest of your décor – or perhaps to choose a contrast colour as an accent, as you wish.

  1. Material choice

The material you go for should be durable, easily cleaned and fade-resistant. Materials which are often used include PVC, aluminium and fabric. All have different advantages. PVC is easily cleaned, lightweight and available in different colours. Aluminium is durable, lightweight and moisture-resistant. Meanwhile, fabric offers a softer look, plus it comes in varied textures and colour.

  1. Product type

Of course, you need to choose something that’s the right size for and suits your window, although these days it’s more possible than ever to have tailor-made versions. Equally, you could go for roller, Venetian or pleated blinds, as well as the blackout models mentioned above. Finally, cellular blinds are designed to provide extra energy efficiency and insulation.

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