How Much Do Commercial Roller Blinds Cost?

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Whether you want to kit out a new commercial space or upgrade an existing one, commercial roller blinds are an essential cost. With the benefits including privacy, energy savings, and style elements, getting the decision right is important as this should be an investment that lasts a commercial space for a long time.

Unlike choosing roller blinds for residential properties, making a commercial decision can be slightly more complex. This is reflected in the price you can expect to pay, so we think it’s worth being clued up on exactly what goes into choosing the best roller blinds for your needs. Keep reading to learn what factors will impact the price and how much you should budget for a professional roller blind installation.

What Are Commercial Roller Blinds?

Commercial roller blinds are window covering solutions used within office spaces and other corporate environments. They are essential for reducing screen glare, improving employee comfort, saving energy, and enhancing security within commercial areas.

They offer good value for money and increase comfort thanks to the benefits mentioned above.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Commercial Roller Blinds?

Even though commercial roller blinds are a cost-effective solution to invest in, the prices can change depending on a few factors. It’s a good idea to understand the specification factors for commercial blinds so that an accurate quote can be provided.

Type of operation:

When it comes to blinds, you have two choices for how they work: motorised or manual. The most traditional is manual, with many employees knowing to look for the side-based chain to change the position of the blind.

This method works fine, but if you have a lot of blinds, high level windows or want to improve the efficiency of a building, then a motorised option is a brilliant choice. Furthermore, motorised options also work best for large windows as they require so much less effort.


Another factor that influences the price is the chosen fabric. This might sound simple, but only some consider how their choices affect the overall quote.

Certain materials, such as (screen or metal screen finishes) come with a heftier price tag than standard blind fabrics like PVC or polyester dimout fabric. If you can afford to spend a bit more on a screen fabric, you will get increased visibility, as well as glare reduction.

And, metal screen fabrics help to block heat, generating energy savings by keeping offices naturally cooler in the summer months. The metal is applied to the back of the fabric, which faces the outside.


If blinds are being fitted to large high-level windows or even skylights, the price will be higher as specialist equipment and installers are required to complete the task. Also, it is highly recommended high level blinds are motorised so they can be raised and lowered easily.


Another element that can impact the price is whether or not you require installation. Supply-only blinds will come in cheaper as they do not require professional assistance to fit them.

How Much Do Commercial Roller Blinds From Kensington Systems Cost?

As you will now understand, many factors go into creating a quote for a commercial roller blind installation.

We always recommend that you consider your individual needs when making a decision on the commercial roller blinds you want. For example, you may want manual blinds to save money, but if opting for motorised blinds will save you a lot of time, this investment may be worthwhile.

Factors such as improved productivity and enhanced safety will bring other financial benefits. Furthermore, these are not just short-term investments but building accessories designed to stand the test of time. Investing in good quality commercial roller blinds now could see your staff working in comfort for years.

To chat with our team about what commercial blind solution would be best for your business, contact us today.

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